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Accounting for Architects


This course will teach you about accounting principles for Architects.

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Accounting is not only for accountants. To become better at our job, we need to understand how to run the finances of a business. Accounting for Architects will help you know how the finances of a Professional Practice are structured and why it is essential to plan for a stable future.

"Accountant" is derived from the French word "compter," which means to count. The first accountants were people who performed calculations, especially for religious orders. Accounting is an indispensable part of any organization because it can be the most conscientious and reliable source of information for managers and decision-makers.

Course Outline:

  • Why it is vital to understand Accounting Principals
  • Accounting Terms
  • Business Planning
  • Invoicing

We often overlook accounting training for architects. Architects are, in some ways, more of a liaison between clients, contractors, and builders. They are the ones who help to make sure that everything is working seamlessly on site. They are also responsible for ensuring proper documentation of the whole job regarding the time spent on it.

Architects need to have some accounting skills to be able to do these things well. We do not limit these skills by the specific work they do or what kind of architect they are - there is a lot that goes into it no matter what you end up doing as an architect.


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