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Selling Services

So how do Design Professional go about selling their services? Selling happens at many different times and under different circumstances. Most design firms have a website.  That may be the first place they sell their services.  It is available for anyone to see and learn about the firm. They also post information on social media. Another way is to respond to a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) or Request for Proposal (RFP). Within these packages, a firm will include marketing material to promote the firm and the work they have completed as well as resumes to promote their team.

That is large-scale selling.  How about individuals? How do they sell services? In a design firm, everyone is a salesperson. The way you answer the phone, the care and accuracy you put into preparing documents for an Owner. how you conduct yourself in a meeting. They are all forms of selling.  You sell professional conduct, friendliness, professional knowledge, leadership to mention a few.

How about when you have lunch with a consultant, attend a networking session or a conference. Even at dinner home with friends. How you conduct yourself and how you speak of your firm is an indirect form of selling.

So think about that next time you ride the elevator with someone you know.  What is your elevator pitch?


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